Shepshed Model Railway Club

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The club was started after a model railway exhibition in March 1983 at the Hind Leys Community College, Shepshed, during which the college principal who had organised the exhibition, asked if there was interest in starting a club.

Initially around forty people expressed an interest in the club in July 1983, after which it reduced to around thirty. Following much discussion it was decided to build a 00 gauge layout. 

The club was called the Hind Leys MRC, due to its meeting place.

Work started in the college woodwork room, then moving to a room behind the college tea bar. But there were no storage facilities so a cupboard had to be built. After some time a 00 gauge layout was completed and it was named "Long Thymecumin". 

Around the same time the club also started holding its own annual model railway exhibition, held over a weekend in March at the college. This lead to the clubs layout being invited to various other clubs exhibitions.

With a decline in the clubs membership it was decided to discontinue the clubs own exhibition after 1991.

Awhile after this it was decided sell "Long Thymecumin" in order to gain storage space for a new 00 gauge layout which was to be constructed.

The club continued to exhibit at various exhibitions with an N gauge layout, which had been donated by a late club member. The layout had be cut in half in order to remove it from his home and was reassembled for exhibition use, after some small alterations. Recently the layout has been renovated and will be exhibited as "Deverdun".

During 2008 the club moved to a new meeting place in an upstairs room at the Glenmore Community Centre in Shepshed.  This move gave us a larger storage area for the clubs layouts.
As the club no longer met at Hind Leys, it was decided to change the name of the club to the Shepshed Model Railway Club.

After some considerable time in the making the new 00 gauge layout, now called "Glenmore Parva", made its first exhibition appearance in 2015 at the Syston MRC exhibition.

The club meets every Wednesday at 7:30pm, with a running night on the second week of every month. If you have any enquiries about visiting or joining or require any further information about the club, please contact us via the "Contact" page.